User Research and Testing, Information Architecture, Interaction Design,Visual Design, Prototyping and Wire-framing, and Accessibility testing

The information taken from the interviews, empathy and journey maps helped narrow down the main features that will need to be added to the mobile website to enable clients and realtors an easier way to communicate. The competitive analysis provided insight on features that are being used in similar apps. The features that are needed from research is affordability calculator, chat feature, booking page, and preferred page for buyers that need assistance with the next steps. 

The user flow map helped define the screens that will be made for the app. In the sketches it shows the idea for each screen and its layout. The sketches are turned into digital low-fidelity wireframes to form the idea of each screen. Once it’s created the text is added to the low-fidelity screens to get the concept of the layout of each screen. The screens were tested for usability and navigation rate was below 50%, changes were made and another usability test was conducted. 

Final Prototype

As you see the final prototype above it shows the solutions to the problem have been solved. A chat feature is presented in the mobile site, an affordability calculator page has been incorporated in the site, and a preferred page for lenders, insurance, etc. Also the Multiple Listings Service has a page to offer as well making it easier for realtors and their clients to communicate.