UX/UI Designer


User Research and Testing, Interviews, User Personas, Competitive Analysis, User Stories, Wireframes, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Prototyping, Mock ups

By reviewing the competitive analysis created, it provides each features that are provided from capital one and American Express. The features that are provided and will be incorporated in the credit master app was determined by the results of the user survey. Account management will be a feature added to credit master as majority of users were needing to access account information in the app. The user survey helped narrow down the main features that will need to be focused on in the app. 

The user survey helped conduct research and from that point created a user persona and user stories to create the main concept of credit master. The user stories were used to create a user flow to continue the process of creating the layout of the app. 

The user flow on the left shows all 6 user stories that were focused on to make the user flow. The user flow on  right shows an up close view of the first user story as an example of the other users stories in the photo on the left. The user stories above the user flow highlighted in BOLD are the three main user stories that will be focused on to design for the credit master app. 

The style guide explains how the logo was created. The text that was used, the colors, and styles for background options. 

The final mock-up solves the problem that was approached for the users. The home screen shows each card and it’s due date. There is a page to view account transactions and to turn on notification features as well as add to calendar for reminders. 


The first idea that was created worked well. There were doubts about the color scheme but the colors compliment the project. It was surprising that the concept of the app did not require as many screens that were expected. If there were more time an interactive prototype would have been created for the login experience so the usability test would have better results. By creating this app I learned about more UI kits and prototype features that can be incorporated in another project. 

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