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Competitor Research, User Journey, User Personas, Journey Map, UI style guide, Usability testing, Wireframe, Mockups, Clickable Prototypes. 

Figma, Adobe Illustrator

This competitive analysis shows the advantages and disadvantages of Transit app and Moovit app, which both apps are bus transit apps. In this analysis the conclusion is that both apps advantages are that each app provides a list of bus times for the user. The disadvantages  of the Moovit app is that the ads are distracting to the users. The disadvantages for the Transit app is that the navigation of the app is difficult. By drawing these conclusions the Metro app will incorporate a list of bus times to better enhance the app and will not incorporate any ads while using the app. 


The persona and user survey was next in the process of including the main features of design in the Metro App. The user persona represents a 28 year old female mother that rides the bus daily. In summary she has obstacles she faces that may prevent her from being on time therefore missing on bus on scheduled bus times. Also while in a rush she has trouble navigating through the transit app she uses. 
The user surveys provides the main solutions that are needed to create Metro Routes more convenient for the users :
  • 59.1% Majority female participated in survey. 
  • 36.4% age ranged from 25-30
  • 72.7% agrees that bus arrival times are sometimes accurate
  • 68.2% agrees google maps is the most preferred app
By using the information provided Metro Routes will make sure to include a list of future bus arrival times that are tracked, and updated, also design with a simple navigation system easier for users, 

In this low fidelity wireframe we grasp the concept from the user flow chart that is provided. These seven screens provide each solution that is needed to solve the 3 main problems. There is a screen with a list of bus times, list of future arrival times for one bus and also a map for tracking bus location as it arrives to the bus station. The first wireframe was changed and Washington and State Bus Station was added to the heading to get a realistic use of spacing for the app design. 

During usability testing screen one was the most successful screen. The task for this screen was to find Washington and State bus station by searching on previous screen and clicking saved destination.


During screen 3 was the least successful during usability testing. The task for this screen was to locate the list of times for every bus arriving at Washington and State bus station.