I have 10+ years experience in the customer service career as well as studied graphic design in a few universities. I have a passion for learning new things so in my career I am always looking for advancement and wanting to learn new ways to expand my horizon more in graphic design area.

In my free time outside of working customer service, I am a graphic design freelancer. I use my skills that I have learned and freelance by making logos, banners, posters, collages, designing and creating shirts, blankets and more. I was self taught on making shirts and creating blankets with memorable sayings and photos. I became interested in starting my own business because I enjoyed helping people with projects for special events and the excitement of everyone enjoying what I created makes me feel I have accomplished a memory that will last forever.

I now want to expand my graphic design skills and customer service skills and apply my experience to become an UX designer. I know with my customer service skills connecting with customers it will be beneficial as a UX designer when researching improvements for the clients as well as connecting with customers first hand is a skill that will continue to grow. As I am expanding my experiences with wireframes, research, prototyping and adding it to my graphic design experience I am excited to start this new journey adding User Experience Designer to my background.